A design space that focuses on bringing Arabic calligraphy to life, at an aesthetically distinct and unconventional level.

Each unique piece is intuitively designed and created on a thoroughly researched & experienced premise to bring meaning, harmony and balance. 

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Nothing produced goes to waste. Our packaging is designed to serve renewed purposes and uses.


The boxes -binded by hand- can be re-used to store other existing or future jewellery items. Our bags -made from raw cloth material featuring a silk screened design- are perfect for the feasible lightweight carrying of a multitude of items.

The double-pocket cloth sleeves aim to avoid any necklaces and chains from becoming entangled; While our ribbons are purposely branded with beautiful mantras and positive affirmations to lease them a new purpose of further -meaningful- gift-giving.


My work is the natural product of a journey where the development of my own well-being became very much evident in my artistic drive and skill. By continually expanding both in tandem and trusting the universe’s response; I am constantly seeking that unique moment when my core values - INTEGRITY, REFINEMENT & LOVE - get channeled to the fore to speak of and for themselves with each and every piece, all the while keeping it smart & simple. (KISS ... The rule I live by!)


I am forever grateful for being part of this creative experience...


Much Love,

Zaina Sa'ed.



Happy to hear from you.


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