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I always knew that creativity would play a big role in my life. Since a young age, I used to spend hours on my own drawing and playing with colors, designing dresses and shoes etc. I was fascinated by how products are designed and how they function. This curiosity led me to ditch the scientific technology studies and indulge in the creative design world.   


After working in the corporate world for a number of years in design, marketing and project management. I felt a lack of satisfaction and appreciation that was haunting me to a point where I couldn’t ignore it. I knew I had to do something different...  I started responding to the universe to where I needed to be, it manifested into a spiritual journey of self-work which translated into designs and jewelry pieces. 


On 21.12.2012*, I was in Little Petra (Beida)** for a retreat, I had a vivid dream that night; 

I dreamt that I was standing straight and I had 3 shadows: one Red, one Green and one Black. But I was scared and running away from the black shadow. After asking the facilitator about the interpretation of the dream, she told me that I have gifts, where the red signifies the gift of Creativity, the green signifies Healing and the black was my Shadow Self! She also mentioned that I need to make peace with my shadow self and to stop running away from it in order to live a fulfilled life. 


Fast forward to this date, I am a living proof of that dream. I am grateful that I'm translating my intuitive journey into pieces that are appreciated and loved. Still learning along the way, the destination keeps evolving as it is a reflection of my own evolution. I’ve also realized that taking others on this journey with me is inevitable . 


That’s why I believe that the journey is as important as the destination..


With all my love,


*in case you didn’t know; this date is very specific for the Mayans, because they believed a new era was beginning.

** Beida is known for its’ neutral energy field, which means that whatever happens there is the truth. 

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