Creativity is an inherent gift we ALL possess. Yet, people -more often than not- generally believe the opposite to be true, sadly giving up on their hopes, dreams and true potential.


Having been personally guided by the teachings of writer Julia Cameron in her celebrated work “The Artist’s Way” in my own journey of artistic recovery and ongoing evolution; I started hosting and moderating online creative circles on a trimonthly basis to a number of people seeking to “unblock” themselves and move towards a path of self fulfilment and abundance.

I also take one on one sessions. 


I consider myself extremely lucky to cross paths with Zaina. I’ve been searching for my passion for 9 years till the moment I took the artist way that’s when I discovered myself I was living in the dark till she lightened my journey with her wisdom, pure love and full support. I’m more than grateful and blessed 🙏🏼💚 "


“For most of my adult life I envisioned starting my own small pottery business. At some point I purchased all the material, I even produced items, but I never took it further than that point. I knew my startup was missing a certain element that would mentally and creatively motivate me. After joining ‘The Artist’s Way’ in 2020, I realized that this was the missing piece to my puzzle. I was meeting with creative minds on a weekly basis, our thoughts and creative ideas were contagious! Zaina helped guide me through my work and I owe it to this group for the success of my startup. This book spoke to me and worked as an essential tool to get me here."


“When I decided to join the artist way workshop I thought I was doing it for fun, little did I know! It was a true blessing that came my way, a life changing experience that altered my whole direction in life. It made me realize what my true gift was and how to use it. 

Zaina who is an amazing mentor, a beautiful soul with pure intentions guided us through this wonderful experience. She gave us the gift of her time and knowledge. She made sure that each and everyone of us has benefited from this workshop somehow. 

It was an honor and pure pleasure working with her and I’m  forever grateful.“



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